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Welcome to Mike Thompson for Kansas

Fighting For You: A Message from Senator Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson recently launched this online video, his message to the people of District 10:

Welcome to Mike Thompson for Kansas

Introducing the Mike Thompson Minute

Mike Thompson is launching a new video series entitled "The Mike Thompson Minute", where he will talk about issues facing Kansas. In this initial episode, he discusses the last eight weeks and the challenges that lie ahead:

A note from Senator Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson for Kansas Thank you for visiting the website for my job as your State Senator and my campaign for election. I hope you find this site informative, both about my background and on my stances on the various issues impacting Kansas.

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I encourage you to contact me with any questions you have at Thank you!

Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson: Embrace Freedom and Trust Businesses

In a new column, Mike Thompson addresses the current debate about re-opening America, emphasizing the importance of embracing freedom and trusting businesses to re-open. Here is an excerpt:

America is a wonderful mix of rugged individualism and devotion to the community and to our neighbors.

Throughout this crisis, we've seen this play out as we try to slow the spread of COVID-19. Americans have stepped up and risen to the challenge. They've sacrificed their jobs, their businesses, and in some instances, their health. They've donated to charity, continued to support restaurants that remain open, and done everything asked of them. They've even come together to build masks for those on the front lines of fighting this virus.

And, going forward, we all agree that common-sense measures will continue to be taken, such as social distancing and certainly, a focus on hygiene, both personally and in our workplaces. And the success has been tremendous, as our hospitals have not been overwhelmed and the curve has been flattened.

Now, as we move forward, we need a better pathway than strict lockdowns, one that trusts businesses and families to make decisions commensurate with their own safety. We've already seen this in the businesses that have remained open, and this is encouraging. I believe people will take the right, responsible steps. I believe we should trust we, the people.

For the rest of the column, click here.

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